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Three Drum Roller Watch Manual



Roller Positioning

Adjust time position at < 12:00 >

  1. Press button A and hold for 2 seconds the rollers will start rolling and stop at random

  2. position Using button B, C, D to control the position of the rollers.

  3. Press button B to advance to 12 o'clock position.

  4. Press button C, D to advance to zero (0) position.

  5. (you can hold the button to speed up the motion)

  6. After adjusted to 12:00 position press button A or wait for 15 seconds the rollers will​ be stopped at random position.



Present Time Setting

  1. Press button B and hold for 2 second, the hour digit will move for signal.

  2. Press button B to advance the present Hour time.

  3. Press button C to advance the first digit Minutes time.

  4. Press button D to advance the second digit Minutes time.
    (you can hold the button to speed up the motion)

  5. After adjusted, press button A or wait 15 second, to confirm the present time correct.



Drum Roller Manual


Roller Time setting

  1. Press and hold the B button for 2 seconds, the left roller (Hour) will start rolling and stop. Use the A button to adjust the roller display to “12”.

  2. Complete step 1, press B once, the right roller (Minutes) will start rotating and stop. Use the A button to adjust the roller display to “00”.

  3. Complete step 2, press B once, the two rollers will start rotating and stop.

  4. After the two rollers stopped, use the A button to adjust the left roller (Hour) to the actual "Hour" time.

  5. After completing the "hour" setting, press the B button once,

  6. the right roller (Minutes) will start rotating and stop, use the A button to adjust the right roller (Minutes) to the actual set "Minute" time.

  7. When finished, press B once, the two rollers will rotate and stop,

  8. Roller time setting completed.




  1. Press “ C” for 2 seconds, minute hands start to move clockwise

  2. Continue to press “C” for 2 seconds then release , minute hand will move on its own as well as the hour hand

  3. When approaching the desire time press “ C “ and then fine tune by pressing “C“ repeatedly

* Remark: After the analogue time is set, wait 15 second without pressing any button.

Hour roller will roll 1 turn to confirm analogue time is set.





  1. In normal time mode, press A to enter the Stopwatch mode, the red light at the bottom left start flashing, and the roller on the left shows “12:00”. Now ready for counting!

  2. Press A start counting, the green light at the bottom right start flashing, and the right roller will forward at the same time in every second.

  3. After 59 seconds, the roller stopped forward in second and change to forward in minutes.

  • Stopwatch function is base on minutes as unit, the first 59 seconds do not have stop watch function.

  • To reset to the new stopwatch mode within 1 minute, press A .

  • To stop the counting over 1 minute press A , right roller will show the minute counted

  • To reset to stop watch mode press B once , press B again back to normal time model

  • The longest counting range is 60 minutes, then the timer will stop and return to normal time mode, the green light will stop flashing.


*Stop watch function consumes more power and will affect battery life*







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