Altimeter - Genuine leather strap - T-ENGINE Three drum roller watch
  • Altimeter - Leather Strap

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    "Altimeter" is the three roller movement series with a pilot watch design. 

    The three drum roller series adopts a newly designed movement so that users can experience a unique time reading style. Replaced the hands design with a scroll wheel, and each scroll wheel is marked with a track of "hours and minutes" to show the current time.


    • Alloy Case (44MM)
    • 3 ATM Water Resistant
    • Nylon strap / Stainless steel metal bracelet
    • Normal steel buckle​
    • Drum Roller Movement


    Hong Kong's own brand, a revolutionary chronograph reading concept brand, is a traditional watch design that incorporates a new movement and reading concept. Bring new elements to your everyday watch.


    • Time setting instruction


      Step 01.

      Roller Positioning Adjust time position at < 12:00 >

      1. Press button A and hold for 2 seconds the rollers will start rolling and stop at random

      2. position Using button B, C, D to control the position of the rollers.

      3. Press button B to advance to 12 o'clock position.

      4. Press button C, D to advance to zero (0) position.​

      5. (you can hold the button to speed up the motion)

      6. After adjusted to 12:00 position press button A or wait for 15 seconds the rollers will​ be stopped at random position.

      Step 02.

      Present Time Setting

      1. Press button B and hold for 2 second, the hour digit will move for signal.

      2. Press button B to advance the present Hour time.

      3. Press button C to advance the first digit Minutes time.

      4. Press button D to advance the second digit Minutes time.

        (you can hold the button to speed up the motion)

      5. After adjusted, press button A or wait 15 second, to confirm the present time correct.


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